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2023, July–
– Museum Gunzenhauser, Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz


2023, July–
– Museum Gunzenhauser, Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz

(Class Issue), 2023
vinyl on light strip above the entrance

Prosperity, 2023
gold leaf

The Way to Success is Open, 2023
fortune cookies with the same promise

Rendezvous mit der Unsterblichkeit
(Rendezvous with Immortality), 2023
GFK, lacquer, clockwork

It-Piece, 2023
Hermès pocket square, selfie stick

Seele und Dekor
(Soul and Decor), 2023
PVC polyester, fan

Until the End of the Circle, 2022
neon, interchangeable flashers, steel

Room for an Answer, 2016
neon, interchangeable flashers, steel

Timeless, 2023
recycled neon systems, interchangeable flashers

We Are on Fire, 2014
neon, dispersion, steel

Geselligkeit ist Trumpf
(Conviviality is trump), 2023
wooden church bank, chewing gum

The Fountain, 2021
acrylic glass, LED, steel

Sterbenlernen, 2023
singing performance with humanoid robot
loan from TU Chemnitz, SFB Hybrid Societies

Untitled, 2015
Nike-Airforce 1, spray paint

Hierarchy, 2023

More Than a Feeling, 2017
performance, demonstration signs, flags, steel construction, megaphone, video documentation

Truth is not Truth, 2022
inscription in plasterboard

Free Your Soul, 2016
neon, interchangeable flashers

Trust People, 2017
neon, interchangeable flashers, steel


Photos: Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz / dotgain.info

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