(2003 — 2021)


– selected works


– selected works

No Matter When No Matter Where No Matter Who, 2020
“Villa Massimo si avvicina”, Villa Massimo Rome

The Only Pain is Champaign, 2020
inscription on plasterboard
“Botta e risposta”, Gallery of the Villa Massimo Rome

Face to Face, 2018
neon, control switch, steel
“Again and Again”, Zeller van Almsick, Vienna

Again and Again, 2018
inscription on plasterboard
“Again and Again”, Zeller van Almsick, Vienna

Out of Order, 2018
inscription on plasterboard
“Again and Again”, Zeller van Almsick, Vienna

Reading Time by Walking Backward, 2016/2018
light installation in public space
LED, steel, glass
Longbridge, Birmingham

Room for an Answer, 2016
neon, control switch, steel.
“Again and Again”, Zeller van Almsick, Vienna 2018

A Force, 2015
3-part, silkscreen print on paper, laser cut, object frame
Officielle Paris

The Conscience, 2014
neon, inscription on plasterboard
“Suspended by Ourselves”, ASPN, Leipzig

The Moment, 2012
inscription on plasterboard
“Reading the Cities”, The Brno House of Arts 2013

What is to Be Done?, 2012
light installation in public space
Auf AEG, Nuremberg

Hope, 2012
fluorescent tubes, coin-operated machine
“Hallo Westen!”, Kunsthalle Bremerhaven 2013

Five More Words in Neon, 2012
“Werkschau”, Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig 2015

Untitled [Unsaid, Unseen, Forgotten], 2011
text on billboard
“Vor den Dingen, nach dem Affekt”, Lokremise / Kunstmuseum St.Gallen

Untitled [That Which Appears is Good That Which is Good Appears], 2010
neon, spray paint
“Exil des Möglichen”, Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig

Untitled [Unsaid], 2010
“Nachtblende”, Brigitte March International Contemporary Art, Stuttgart

Untitled [Will I Be Missed?], 2009
neon, dispersion paint
neon (mounted on the frieze of the facade)
“Mir ist das Leben lieber”, Museum Weserburg Bremen 2016. “Anabasis. On Rituals of Homecoming”, Ludwik Grohman Villa, Lodz 2009

YesYes, 2006
neon, steel
“Leipzig Unfolding”, Lloyds Club London 2015

Freedom Sucks, 2005
inscription on the patio frieze
Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig

Empty Until Full, 2005
neon, spray paint
“Dagegen Dabei”, Galerie Laden für Nichts, Leipzig

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